Circular economy ideas

Listing out Web3 ecosystem ideas that could be considered when issuing a token to create circular economies

There are a number of software projects that could benefit from trying to create a circular economy through the usage of a token. Most of these same ideas could also function by using the networks treasury funding to sustain long term development, meaning a token would not be needed.

Software ideas

The following ideas could create a circular economy with their own token, they could also charge fees with the networks base coin and also could have neither of these and be funded using network based incentives.

  • Stablecoin's - e.g. USD token

  • Security tokens - e.g. Bonds, stocks

  • Real world asset tokens - e.g. Tokens that represent commodities or a house, car etc.

  • Soulbound tokens - Tokens that are issued and designated to a single individual or entity and are not transferable.

  • Privacy tokens - A token could wrap an existing coin from a public chain and make the transactions private.

  • DeFi protocols - DEX, borrowing & lending, synthetics, derivatives, CDPs

  • DAO, governance & identity tooling

  • Utility software libraries - For building smart contracts, transaction builders etc

  • Network infrastructure tools & libraries

  • Security reviews & code audits

  • Scalability solutions

  • Indexers, explorers & data oracles

  • Wallets

Other non software ideas

There are a number of non software ideas that could benefit from network treasury funding.

  • Research & analysis

  • Demos & onboarding

  • Articles & blog posts

  • Hackathons

  • Contributor mentorship

  • Community hubs

  • Workshops & courses

  • Ecosystem educational resources

  • Translation support

  • Standardisation efforts

Reasons a token might be useful or necessary

  • Token utility - Ideas might need a token for unique use cases and functionality that they can achieve with the coin from the base network.

  • Customisation of token - Tokens can be customised for different use cases such as how the supply changes over time, what parts of the token are immutable or mutable or a changing number of applications and environments that token could be used in.

  • Token autonomy - Having a separate token means the project team and surrounding community for that token could have full autonomy to update and replace their token as needed for their own use cases.

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